Sunday, February 24, 2008


Words can not explain how grateful I am that Joe is home more often. When we were in Rexburg our leaders would always say to us that when we were "out in the real world" that our lives would be even busier. When I would put Travis to sleep by myself practically every night I would only gets worse after school! Well I'm here to say that it has never been better. Joe is home every night and eats dinner with us too!! We have week ends together and we are actually planning our first "real vacation."

These past few days the weather has been really nice (sorry to everyone in the snow). It's been above 50 degrees and sunny!!! We went to a park/lake near by and ate lunch and played. Travis was in heaven! He was throwing sand, pebbles, branches, whatever he could find into the lake and then he would run over to the play ground and climb and jump. He was finally able to get all that energy out of him. When we got in the car to leave he didn't even last one minute before he fell asleep.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


I'm getting a little bored with the same old things that I make for dinner. I've been trying out new recipes but I'm getting tired of looking for good ones. Soooo please send (e-mail) Shauna some good recipes. even if they're new one you've just tried or just good ones that you always use. She'll post them on the recipe blog that she has there's a link to it on my blog.


How to tell your child is obsessed with cars, trucks, wheels, etc. :
~You are in Wal-Mart and you go down the row with the light bulbs and utility stuff and your child finds the wheels and starts to play with them.
~When your child pulls a rubbermaid container, that has wheels, off the shelf and sits in it like it is a car.
~When you are in the store and you pull the cart back and he says, "beep, beep, beep."
~When he plays with his trucks and after they back up he says"tssss."
~When you are watching the moring news and they show the freeway cameras and he immediately stops what he's doing to go watch them.
These are just a few of the things that Travis does.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Boys sleeping

We have church at 11 and nursery is last so by the time we get home Travis is well over due for a nap. Joe was going to put him down and after a while it was really quiet...which never happens in our house. I went in to check on them and I guess Joe was over due for a nap too.

Joe's Birthday

Joe turned 26 last Saturday. This was one of the first times that he has been home (not at work or school all day) on his birthday. He did have to go to school and help some students with a test but after that he was with us. We were going to go to Chuck E. Cheese but we got asked to do an activity for the ward that night. We left early to come home and have ice cream cake. Joe really likes Cold Stones ice cream cakes but I can't stand spending that much money for them. So I made him one instead. It turned out pretty good. Joe got his one piece and Travis got the rest of the cake. The things we do for our children.

Monday, February 4, 2008


Travis got a package the other day from Grandma Meri. He was so excited that he wouldn't let me help him carry it up the stairs for him. He walked straight into the house and started opening it. The first thing that he took out were his new shoes. He took off his old shoes and put them on as fast as he could. He loves them so much that yes, he sleeps with them on. The funny thig is that they are 2 sizes too big so he looks like he wearing clown shoes.

Joe cooking

I actually let Joe cook dinner the other night. In the four years that we have been married I have never let him cook dinner...and me eat it. He made Sloppy Joe's from scratch and we all ate it. Look on Shauna's Blog for the recipe link for the recipe...or as Joe would call it "the mix."

Tyler's first rice cereal

Tyler tried rice cereal for the first time. He seems to like it. I was hoping that the cereal would help him sleep better at has yet to work. He is still waking up every three hours to eat. Between him and Travis I don't think I get to sleep more then an hour at a time. Travis likes to come into bed with us and we never have the energy to go put him back in his own bed. So between Tyler waking up, Travis coming into our bed and kicking us the whole night and Joe snoring I really don't sleep.