Sunday, July 6, 2008

the wagon and the fourth

The boys and I went to Target with Grandma Meri and we talked her into getting a wagon (along with some other thing :)

Travis helped put Papito put the wagon together.
We also got Travis a helmet but couldn't find a bike for him. He had to wear it all through the store. He really is our "Special Ed Ted" now. Tyler loves to sit in the wagon. When all the kids are out side they all take turns pulling him around.
We finally made it to the beach. My sister and sister in-law go two times a week and stay for hours with their kids. I can only take 2 hours and I waited until Joe had a day off to go with him. Travis hates the sand and he doesn't like the ocean either. He doesn't like how the water goes in and out. After a while he finally decided he was fine and started building sand castles.
Tyler really didn't like the sand either. I finally gave up and we went home to take showers and take naps.
The Fourth was fun. We went to the town fair and the kids bought these confetti eggs. They had fun with that!
We all came home and set up the water stuff. Travis loves being around hios cousins and Tyler is finally ok with the noise level...but not me.