Thursday, November 29, 2012

the update....

 Tyler had his 5th birthday! And I didn't forget this year! his birthday is the 2nd and let me tell ya, it never fails to just sneak up on me and bam! it's here. It was a really low key birthday because Joe was off doing something ALL day and into the night (I think it was a wrestling thing). He did come home fore 15 minutes and Tyler opened his presents that I wrapped in paper bag from the grocery store. I just hope he isn't scared for life because of that, a mother can only do so much, right?
 I debated whether or not to put this up there but I just had to! I don't know what it is with these babies (yes we still call them the babies) but when one does something that other is sure to follow soon after. And then when one forgets the other reminds and it goes on and on. Amy learned to take off her diaper first and I was very quick to fix it. I alway remembered to put on some kind of covering over her diaper even when she was in a dress....I learned the dress thing the hard way when we were walking in to church. So one day I put them down for a nap and I changed her diaper before I put her down and then did the same thing for Cody but forgot to put his pants back on. They were in their beds just talking away to each other and I didn't think anything of it. Well, I went in to check a little later and I guess Amy had been talking to Cody and taught him the disappearing diaper trick. And yes I just left him in there like that until he woke up. Pee on the sheets and all. Call me a bad mom but I just won't wake a sleeping child unless there's a fire.

 Halloween was different this year. We have always had a truck or treat, church party, or something to do but not this year. Luckily we are in a neighborhood that is very family friendly so we went around door knocking. Travis was a camo man, Tyler was a bat and the babies were The Big Bad Wolf and Little Red Ridding Hood (thank you martha stewart). It took a few doors but Cody figured it out real quick and was running door to door knocking. Amy was perfectly fine sitting in the wagon while her brothers brought candy to her. Despite all the sugar everyone slept rather well that night.  
                                                                Cody discovered tape!

Travis turned seven! I really can't believe that he's that old! or should I say that I'm that old. His birthday was on a saturday so we had lots of time to do tons of fun open presents! 

The progress on the house is coming along. This is when they dug out the hole for the foundation. The boys thought the piles of dirt were cool. They were always asking to go out the the new house so they could dig in the piles.

Cody would crawl up to the top and then slide down. Every time we went out there and then came home I think they brought a new dirt hill with them. 

Thanksgiving didn't go as planned, we were supposed to go to portland and see the Zoo lights and go to OMSI and lost of other things makes portland cool but we stayed home and tried to make the most of it. The day before Thanksgiving the boys asked me when we were going to get the turkey and the first thing that came out of my mouth was, "we'll go turkey huntin' tomorrow." So that night I got a nerf bow and arrow and figured something out for our turkey (thanks pinterest). On thanksgiving morning I was talking to the boys about how to catch a turkey and turkey calls came up. So we got on the internet and looked up turkey calls. After a couple of minutes I had a bunch of turkey running around the house. After that they were ready to go hunting! Before I knew it all the doors in the house were open and the turkey was running everywhere flapping its' wings and gobbles galore! The boys thought it was great and I couldn't stop laughing. On a side note if you ever need a turkey I know really good one!

 So this is the house as of today! the roof is on and plumbing is going in!
And yes we finally got family pictures! I debated whether or not to spend the $$$ but I found someone that is wonderful and at great prices! I was shocked that she was able to get everyone to look half decent too. And now we have a picture of it! It doesn't happen very often that we are all dressed semi decent and hair combed.