Saturday, December 27, 2008

I found the problem!!

I finally figured out that it was this internet protection thing that Joe downloaded that wasn't letting me post. So here are a lot of pictures...

The last week of school before Christmas break there was this storm that came through and the whole week of school was canceled!! They annouced it day by day so Joe was always waiting by the phone each night like a little kid. So instead of the week break it is now a three week break. Sometimes it pays being a teacher! 

This was the first day of snow on sunday. We got a call at 8 am telling us that church was cancelled!! I looked outside and had to laugh. The snow melted by 11 am. It doesn't snow much here and when it does there's a panic. After being in Rexburg I was laughing.
Tyler HATES being cold and he also hates being bundled up, so snow  it not his thing...mine either.
The next sunday we got another phone call and church was cancelled again! I looked outside and there was ice everywhere! There was atleast and inch to 2 inches of ice on everything! You couldn't step outside without slipping. Trees were falling down the the power was going on and off all day.
Our power was off from 2pm to about 5pm. I really didn't mind except it got down to the 59 degrees in our apartment. This isn't the best picture of us (me) but it just explains the day.
The next day Joe made us all go out and build a snowman. Tyler and I didn't last long

Christmas Eve we watched Prancer and made cookies for Santa.

In my family we weren't allowed to go downstairs and see what santa brought until everyone was awake and then we went down in age order. Last year Travis wanted to start his own tradition and wake up at 2am and open all the presents by himself. I was hoping that this year would be different and thankfully it was. The boys ended up sleeping in our bed so we caught them before going downstairs. When they came downstairs they just looked at everything in amazement.  

Travis loved the wheels! it took him a minute to figure out that they go on the wagon. Sometimes I wonder if I should just get him a bunch of different wheels.
Joe is always complaining that the boys have too many toys so we made them a "train table" and the grandparents gave them tons of new toys.  

Thursday, December 18, 2008

bloggin' blues

I'm having some posting problems!!! For some reason my pictures won't upload. My sister tried it on her computer and it work, so I have no idea what's going on. if anyone has any advice please comment!!! when i try to upload a pictures it either goes back to the browse page, just goes blank, or it just loads and loads and does  nothing. help me if you can!