Monday, October 20, 2008

Package from Grandma!!!

This is mainly for my mom. She sent a package to him (birthday) and it was so cute I had to show how much he liked it. Travis never really liked the little people but Tyler is all over them! 

Travis is having a hard time with our 24 hour rule, I got that from my mom. The rule is when someone gets something new they are the only ones that are allowed to play with it for 24 hours. Some may say that's mean and kids need to learn to share but that's just what we do.  

Saturday, October 18, 2008

when mom leaves...

This is one of those "mom" stories that you hear and you just have to laugh, but you feel for the poor mom that it happens to. Here it is: 

I was excited because it was "Stupid Saturday" as my mom calls it (super saturday). I had been looking forward to getting out of the house, with out the boys, and sitting, relaxing and crafting. I was gone for about three much needed hours and was refreshed and ready to deal with motherhood when I got home, so I thought. I walked in the door and Travis ran towards me yelling mom, mom!!! This always makes me feel good, like I must do something right in life for him to miss me. I gave him his crayon roll that I made for him and then showed Joe all the cute things that I had done and like a good husband he told me how cute they were. Travis was standing by me and I put my hand on his head and then looked down to realize that half his hair was gone. I then glared at Joe because he had been wanting to shave Travis' head...again. He then said, you should look at Ty's hair. He was asleep and I wasn't going to go look and wake him up so I just stood there waiting to find out what happened. I thought he was kidding as most of what he says is just to see a reaction from me. He then proceeded to tell me that Travis took the scissors from the counter and but a chunk from the top of his head and then went to Ty and cut an even bigger chunk from his head. Joe then took them upstairs and finished the job. Normally this wouldn't upset me because they're boys and you just shave it off. But I haven't cut Ty's hair yet and that's just a right of passage that a mother (atleast for me) shouldn't miss. When Ty woke up and I saw his hair or lack of it I was crushed. My little baby boy was now a little boy. There were still a few long hairs left so I finished up what Travis and Joe missed and atleast got pictures of that.
This is a picture of him on his birthday last week.   
This is him sitting in the sink while I was cutting it. He loves toothbrushes.
And this is the end result. It does look cute but he has a lot of blond so he looks like a cancer patient too.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

apples anyone?

As you can see we had a lot of apples and they were all free!! We picked some from a family's orchard in our ward and then when we went over to see Joe's mom we pick some at their friends place over there. I didn't realize that we had so many until they were all together. I decided to can some applesauce and I actually did it! We only did half the applesauce because I ran out of jars. We also had a ton of baggies in the freezer full of blackberries (free!!) that we picked this summer so we did 12 pints of jam too. I just hope this will last us through until next summer. 

I was talking to another mom in our ward and she has four kids and cans tons. She grows the majority of all the fruit and veggies too. She cans about 60 jars of tomato sauce and tomatoes! I was impressed. She inspired me, so next summer I'm going to try to do tomatoes too. We'll see what happens. I know it take s a lot of time to do it but right now we have a lot more time then money!! And we need to start somewhere with food storage.  

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Yeah!!!!!! we finally have a computer, internet and yes, after almost a year we have cable...basic but yes we have it. Some people frown upon cable/tv but for me HGTV is my release. I really don't want to tell the long horrible story about getting our computer so I'll just tell a shortened version. we went into get a MAC (a month ago) and then decided that they were too much. so two weeks later we went to the store just to get a basic computer and realized that we did have enough to get it but the store didn't have any in stock so we were going to come back next week and get it...they still didn't have any!! They said they would ship one down from Portland and that it would be there in two days. So we called two days later and still no computer and yes we had paid for it already. The next day it finally came in...they said. So we drove over there (1/2 hour drive...1 hour in traffic) and waited 45 minutes for them to tell us that it really wasn't there and there was no record of it being shipped. So they shipped it overnight...which turned out to be three more days. We got it home and hooked it up to find that the printed we bought from them didn't work either. It kept on saying there was a paper jam. So then we were waiting for our internet guy to come out on hook-up the internet for us(2 weeks). Well after being here for three hours he finally got all the "stuff" hooked-up, the last thing was to do the router (that we had bought from the store too). Well, he tried everything and finally said the router was shot. Needless to say that I will no longer be shopping at Best Buy. That ended up being a lot longer then I wanted...literally.

We love it here!! The town is almost exactly what we wanted. I love the weather, so far, and the boys are doing great. The boys love to pick black berries as you can tell from the picture. I think we've picked enough to make plenty of jam. Travis is finally talking more, his new thing is to say, "I no like it!" and "that's scared." When ever we meet new people it's always funny to see their reaction to Traivs because he looks like he's four and talks like he's 2. He's Travis and that's that. Ty is just too cute. He crawls like a mad man and has no desire to walk at all. He stands up just fine by himself but that's about it. He loves to put things in baskets and buckets and when Travis isn't looking he plays with his cars. Joe is loving teaching and yesterday he got to break up the first fight on the school year AND it was a girl fight. Me? ummm I've decided that having 2 1/2 bathrooms is over rated! It takes me longer to clean the bathrooms then the rest of the house. I just joined a $5 quilting club. It's once a month and you pay five bucks to sign up and then another five at the first meeting. You get a new block and the fabric with it every month and at the end of the year you have a quilt. As long as you complete your block before the next month you don't pay anything else. I'll take picture of the blocks as they are finished and post them you can tell me what you think.

Here is Tyler on his birthday a few days back. I'm not one to buy cheap Walmart toys but he love this thing! It Giggles and moves when you sit on it. 
These pictures are more for my mom. Here's the story: 
She sent him this disney costume, it's pit crew outfit and a helmet. I was worried that he wouldn't put it on and I was right. He opened up the package and was all excited about it until he realized that you were supposed to wear it. When I asked him to put it on he got mad and started stomping his feet (yes mom, just like I used to)! I then explained to him that this is what you have to wear when you race cars just like in Herbie (his favorite movie of the month). Well, after I said that he hurried and put it on and then went over to Joe and said, "go in race car Dad!!" He calls the honda the race car. So then Joe had to go and take him out to race.
 Sorry about such the long blog but I have to make up for the past month or so.