Tuesday, October 27, 2009

where to begin?

Where to begin....it's been a long, short, rough, and blessed few months to say the least. 

After selling the majority of our stuff and putting the rest of it in storage, back in june, the boys and I flew down to California so Joe could finish up school and meet us there so he could work for my Dad. We flew down early because I was pregnant and I wanted to get down there before I started getting sick. The plan was for Joe to work but as my pregnancy progressed it was best that he stayed and took care of me and the boys. It was a good thing that we were by family to help us out. I was at the doctor at least once a week and in the hospital about four times for multiple days. NOT FUN TIMES AT ALL!!! And to make it even better I miscarried and it was all for nothing. So my summer was spent in the hospital and doctor's offices. The boys absolutely loved it down there. There was always something to do and Grandma always found something to buy them. Joe did take them camping with my family, to the train museum and to the aquarium. And just before Joe left and I was feeling better we went to the beach.

this picture really explains their relationship

Joe went up to Washington in mid-august to find us a house. He was there two days and really didn't find anything. I was on craigslist and found a house and gave Joe a call. He said he just drove by the house and wrote the number down. I told him to call on it now because it was a really good price. So he called and the guy just happened to be on his lunch break so Joe went in and saw it. It was just what we were looking for so we made an offer the next day. Everyone thought I was crazy to have Joe buy a house and me not see it. I thought it was exciting and Joe knew that he had to live with me and the house for a while so I think he knew what he was doing. I flew up with the boys a month later and thought that we'd be in the house the next day but closing took a lot longer then we thought. So we were in a hotel for a week. Don't get me wrong I love hotels, just not hotels with two little boys with no toys and lots of time!!!
So we finally got in our place and here it is...
I didn't want to cross the street so this is what you get. 
We've pretty much have been busy painting because I can't live with pink walls!

(Dining room before)
And adding "stuff", as Joe calls it. Yes, I painted my door black, inside and out! I love it!!!!!

And Joe is doing an excellent job being my handy man!
I was sick and tired of the cheap faucets in rentals and decided that I was going to finally get something functional!!!

The first few things that I worked on getting done was the dinning room and the kitchen is actually still in progress. The two place I spend most of my time.
Even before we moved in I went and got this shelf thinger. it was on clearance and I talked them down 50 more bucks!!! The black door (I was on a black door kick) is the door to the garage so this is where we walk in the majority of the time. I hate piles of stuff so I wanted it to be as organized as I could get it and this is what I came up with. 
Now that winter is almost here I think that we'll be putting updates on the house on hold. The boy's play room is purple and I'm not sure if I can wait until spring to do that though.