Thursday, March 27, 2008

travis's first real laugh

I was organizing my videos and photo stuff and came across this one of Travis. Everyone has always commented on his laugh. I believe that this is the first time he laughed this hard. I think he was 5 or six months old.

Monday, March 24, 2008


I've been trying to record the boys playing and every time I get the camera out they stop. Joe was home and he finally got it. Tyler always loves to watch Travis, but Travis doesn't usually like to play that long with him. So when he does Tyler eats it up!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

never travel with us!

Joe and I rarely go on trips but when we do they are very memorable. Let me tell ya about this weekend. We decided to go over to Grandma Meg's (Joe's mom's) about 4 hours away, for Easter. We planned on leaving after the soft ball game, about 6ish. (yes, Joe coaches girl's fast pitch at the high school, don't worry, I laughed too when he told me) The game didn't even start until 6. So we ended up leaving around 9:30pm! I figured the boys would just sleep the whole time...wrong!!! After missing a turn in seattle Travis started coughing...yes BOTH my kids are sick again. By this time we were about an hour away from home and in the woods. He couldn't stop coughing and then up it came. He threw up and when you're going 70 there's really nothing you can do. So being the great mom that I am..haha..I didn't want to scare him even more so I told him it was ok and to not touch it. After throwing up about 5 times we finally found a off ramp and some place to stop. We stripped him down and cleaned him off with wipes and a water bottle. I then took all the stuff off of his car seat and lined it with blankets and we were off again. Then Tyler started screaming...he hates the car. We finally made it to the hotel at 2am.

While we were waiting for Joe to come home from the game we made racer bunnies.

While at Grandma's house we went down the street and Travis tried to feed the cows a dead leaf...the cows were not interested.

Joe's mom had three dogs and some cats; Travis was in heaven. Everytime we walked in the door he would go and get the dogs and try so sit on them and when that didn't work he would try to get them to chase him around the house.

Travis's cousins came over on saturday and we had a little egg hunt. Travis HAD to have the wagon and pull his basket around in it while finding eggs.

After the cousins left we went for a car ride hoping both the boys would fall asleep. I looked back to see that Travis had taken the shoulder belt off and was sitting straight up asleep.

Easter Morning

I lost count of how many times Travis was in time out.

I've been trying to get a family picture for a few months now...and this is it...

When we were driving home through the pass I remembered why I don't like the snow. All the signs were just about covered with snow!

This trip was made possible by a portable DVD player!! (what did people do with out them?)

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Growing child

Travis is just about ready for a booster car seat. It's almost perfect timing because Tyler is just about ready to be out of the infant seat so they can switch. I always like to get the best deal for my money...Joe's money, so I need some opinions. I've looked at three different boosters, Graco, Evenflo and Compass. I'm leaning more towards the Graco Turbo booster because it can convert into just a booster, with out the back, when he's four. What do you have (if you have one), how have you like it, and where did you purchase it at?

Friday, March 14, 2008

pureed kids

We went over to some friends house a few Sundays ago for dinner. And for dessert we had white cake (box) and she had put squash (or pumpkin) in it. She showed me this book she had just bought. It was by Jessica Seinfeld. It was about sneaking pureed vegetables and fruits into your kids meals. I was impressed and thought I'd maybe do it some day...not really. Then I got my Family Fun magazine, which is my most favorite thing, in the mail today and it had an article in it about the same thing. I research it more on the internet and I think I might give it a try. Has anyone attempted to do it? If you want to check it out I think you can go online to and read the article.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

no more music

I was going to tell everyone what happened the other day but I thought Joe said it best in a letter that he wrote to my sister on her mission, so I'll just tell you what he said in the letter...

Yep, our stereo was stolen this morning, I think the "dastard" got his blessings backwards...when the Lord says he'll open windows for financial blessings, I don't think he meant my car window!! Oh well, hopefully he'll use the money he gets for our in car juke box for his educational -and not herbal- purposes.

After being around Joe so much I forget just how funny he is. I'm glad we can laugh about things like this that happen.

Monday, March 3, 2008


This past week has been filled with some really great things...

throw-up, coughing, wheezing, snot, more coughing, more snot, not eating, more throw-up, our doctor on vacation, urgent care, emergency room until 2 am (the closest one to us is 30 minutes away), no sleep, another visist to urgent care, beathing treatments, diarrea, diaper rash, two screaming coughing children who will only go to their mother at 2 am, and finally another doctors visit.

I am so grateful for...

running water, warm water, humidifiers, wipes, triple paste (the only thing that works for ty's diaper rashes), modern medicine, wonderful emergency room doctors who are patient with tired mothers, a sister who is always there to answer her phone and talk while combing lice out of her daughters hair for the second time.

I don't think I'll ever forget this week no matter how much i would want to.