Sunday, May 29, 2011

just a little early

I am one of those people that never thinks "it can happen to them". For example, twins. I also thought that I would have no problem keeping them in. Travis was late and we finally had to cut him out and Tyler was perfectly fine staying inside too. But I guess these kids think that there's way too much more fun to be had out in the world then inside. They decided that 28 weeks was a good time to try to come out in the world. Luckily after multiple meds and a week in the hospital they stayed put....for now. I am now on "bed rest" which worked out fine because my mom was here for 2 weeks (yes she survived). It's been one week since she left and although my house doesn't look like it usually does and my kids don't look or smell like they usually do we are surviving. Joe is taking care of everything and majority of the time I love watching it. If everything goes well then my doctor says that we will have the babies the last week in June. right now each baby is four pounds and I'm measuring at 40 weeks. I still have four more weeks to go and I'm wondering how much more my skin can stretch.