Sunday, March 25, 2012

still here

where does time go, and where can I get some more? So much has happened in the last few months yet so little has happened the cleaning of my house. Here is just a little update.
Travis is reading! He loves to read, gets that from Joe. It's a good thing too because when Joe isn't at home at night guess who reads while I put the babies down. I went to say good night to them earlier his week and Travis was trying to teach Tyler to read. Travis is loving school and I think that he will go through withdrawals once summer hits.

Tyler is surviving with me. For some reason he hasn't figured out how to play by himself. So all day long he is either right next to me talking away or walking around the house asking when Travis will be home. He has one more year and then he starts school. It's going to be one long year I'll tell you that much.

The babies really aren't babies anymore. How or when that happened I don't know. Cody has been crawling for a few months now and Amy is finally ok with crawling. It's not that she didn't know how it's just that she thought that she was above that. Yes Amy is bigger then Cody but just by a pound. Cody is longer and his head is bigger but Amy is....we like to call it plump. I didn't figure out until he was 6 months that he has reflux so that might have something to do with it. He still has issues though. He doesn't like people food and is really picking with what baby food he'll eat. And no he doesn't sleep through the night yet. The longest he'll go is 5 hours, I'll take what I can get.

This picture explains a lot. Cody can do, or does a lot more then Amy. He is very curious and will try anything. Amy doesn't do anything until she knows it's safe and she's good at it. Cody gives her that look a lot too, the, "why don't you just do it and stop crying" look.

Can you tell who had a bad (hair)day? I don't know what to do about her hair. Im guessing it's just going to look ugly until it grows longer? I try to keep it combed down but it just has a mind of it's own...just like amy I guess.

Yesterday I asked Travis to watch them while I went to change the laundry and I came out to this. They both crawl really fast and get into everything so he thought that this would be a good idea. It was until we all walked away and they both started crying because they were stuck.

until next time....