Monday, April 21, 2008

Grandma meri's visit

My parents came up to visit a couple weeks ago with one of my sisters and her two girls. My Dad just stayed for the weekend but all the girls got to stay for a week. We did tons of things a had tons of fun!
Here's a recap of the week.
Saturday- Seattle, Pike's place, Priesthood session
Sunday- Confrence
Monday- Children's museum
Tuesday- swimming day at the hotel
Wednesday- outlet mall
Thursday- Chuck E Cheese, and Target!!
Friday- Wal-mart (you have to have a Wal-Mart day!!)

The week started off with a trip to costco...of course!
Since we don't have cable (we only get fox) we watched conference on the internet! Almost everyone had to sit on the ground but I guess that was good because we didn't fall asleep at all...atleast some of us didn't.
Travis loved having Madi and Megan over every morning! When he heard them coming up the stairs every morning he would get all excited and call for his girls.
It was our first time on th ferry. Luckily no one got sick.
My parents having "a moment."
Joe and Papito! They are two peas in a pod. Everytime they went off to look at something my mom and I just rolled our eyes.
Angela is such a good mom. I would've told them to push me up the hill!
We went over to Seattle to the children's musuem. It was lots of fun. Travis was going non-stop! There were lots of kids there and I lost him for a few minutes. I bet you can't guess where I found him...yep, in the car! He would run to run thing and then run right back to the car and then to another and then back to the car again.
He loved the water thinger. I turned my head for a minute only to turn around a find him drinking from it.
Yes, he found another car.
I was watching Travis from a distance...which I will never do again, he reached in this thing to get the ball out and he decided that it would be better if he put his head in there too. Before I could get over there to get him his head was stuck. While I was walking calmly over there I had pictures of the fire department having to come and help. Luckily with a few gently pushes he got his head out just fine. I'm sure I'll win mother of the year award for that one.
After the museum we turned to the handy dandy GPS to find the nearest Taco Bell. I guess maybe we should've asked for on that was open...stupid us!
Tylers first time in a swimming pool! He hated it!
One of he times we got lost we ran into a Krispy Kreme. It was worth getting lost...atleast that time.
When the GPS couldn't help us we had to turn to a map. Never give me a map! We got lost a lot.
We went to Chuck E. Cheese and once again Travis went non- stop. I don't know where he gets all his energy from!! He went from one thing to the next.
This picture explains the week. After everyone left he slept sooooo much!! Thanks guys!

Monday, April 14, 2008

We're back!

We've been really busy lately! And I'm happy to say that it's a good busy. For Spring break we went over to the Oregon coast for a few days and then came back for a day...and then my Mom, Dad, and my older sister with her two girls came up to visit us. It's been a fun filled two weeks.
I have tons of pictures and it would take forever to share all of them. I think for today that I'll just share some from our trip to the coast.

Growing up Joe's family always went to the Oregon coast for Spring break so Joe wanted to take us there.

On the way to the coast we had to go through Portland so we went to the temple and walked around the gounds. Travis loved the water! We had to keep a very close eye on him so he didn't jump in.

During the low tide we walked down to the ocean and saw some pretty cool things. Travis was fine with touching things until he saw them moving.

Joe thought it was a good idea to take Travis up on the rocks...I didn't!

This was the first time Travis saw the ocean. He walked up the water and became very nervous when it started coming in around him. After that he just liked to stand on the rocks and watch.

We went down the the Aquarium and got to walk through a under water tube thing. Travis thought the sharks were neat.

I think that his favorite thing was the star fish tank. He wouldn't touch them but he screamed when we wanted to move on to something else.

I loved walking on the sand because Travis couldn't run as fast as normal so it was way easy to watch him...for once.

This was the view from our room! I loved waking up and seeing the ocean and listening to it too. Travis would wake up every morning and ask to go swimming.
On the way him we went through Tillamook!!! We went through the cheese factory and got some ice cream too! Even though Tyler couldn't have some he still had a good time! It was really nice to finally have a real vacation! I highly recommend it