Saturday, April 25, 2009


Let me just start off by saying that I'm not a camping or "roughing it" type of girl. I hate dirt, unless there's grass on it, I hate numerous amounts of trees in one place, I hate the smell of campfires and the only place that I like to sleep is my bed. Joe knows this and he has known this since we've been married and that is why we haven't been camping. Well, next weekend is that father son camp out for our ward and Joe will be out of town for it. So I told him that he should just take the boys and go this weekend. He kept on bugging me and bugging me to go with them until finally I decided that it couldn't be that bad and decided I would go. So we surprised him and left right after work on friday. 
Travis and Tyler were so excited!!!!! The first thing they did when we got there was set-up the tent. This was probably the only thing they helped with during the trip. 
I hate tents so I blew-up the air mattress and was going to sleep on it in the car with I thouhgt. It ended up being way cold so we all slept in there. Yeah, I won't be doing that again. 
Yes, that is a smile on my face, probably the only one that whole time. Poor Tyler's hands kept getting too cold, and he didn't understand how to stop it from happening or how to make it feel better, so he spent a lot of time with me (not much change there). Luckily, his crying made the whiners next to us move to another campsite, so we had lots of room to run around.
That night for dinner Travis roasted a hot dog and Tyler pretty much only had pickles and Oreos.
After a cold, cramped, and smelly (campfire) night we woke up and I decided that we should go home. Joe decided that we should go see the waterfalls. "Just one and it's not that far of a hike," he said. I should've known better when he used the word hike. So we packed up the car and drove to the falls. I didn't know it was going to be cold so I didn't pack pants for Tyler but I figured it wasn't going to be that long of a "hike" so his pajamas were fine.

In this picture just imagine a trickle of pee running down his leg then Travis in a proud voice yelling, "look mom I went pee!!!!" We are still working on him telling us before hand when he needs to go.

Joe picked up these clovers and started to eat them. He finally talked me into trying one and they tasted like sour green apples!!! The boys loved their "salad" as they called it. 
So 1 hour later and 2 1/2 miles walked (Tyler being carried most of the way) I told Joe that this trip counts for the next two summers!! Let me just also say that this hike wasn't just straight walking, it was either up hill or down. I don't think I'll do it again at least not with two kids.
After all that complaining I do have to say that we had a fun time and I love spending time with my boys especially here in Oregon.

Joe's words:
Yeah, yeah, yeah, it was a horrible trip..... doesn't that make you think of the plates of Laman compared to the plates of Nephi? Feel free to edumecate yourself with the link. It's great And so was the trip. We had such a good time, and we laughed and smiled the whole weekend - almost. We are so fortunate to have the coolest girl in the world in our family of boys.

Monday, April 13, 2009

busy times

Holy cow it's been a busy three weeks! First it was Joe's spring break then it was grandma meg's spring break and last week it was grandma meri's spring break. 

For our Spring break Joe and I had some great plans to take the kids and go up to Portland for a few days. We were very excited!!! But it all came crashing down when the school district decided that all the teachers should take a pay cut because of budget issues. So we just stayed at home and hung out. That weekend we went to Washington to pick up Joe's niece and nephew to come and spend the week with us (it was their spring break). It was lost of fun to have them here with us.  

Then my mom, my sister and her two girls came up to spend their spring break with us. We stayed in Salem because they have better shopping then our little old town. Pretty much our week was... shop, get lost, eat, play, shop, get lost, eat, go swimmin', and then a little sleep. 

This was a funny the hotel they gave us chocolate cookies and Tyler put it down on the chair because it was falling apart and then continued to eat it.
We went to the Portland zoo and Travis' favorite thing was the zoo train, he is still talking about it.
We also went to the tulip festival and rode this train thinger they had. It was really bumpy and Travis screamed the whole time. I was the lucky one that got to ride with Tyler and he loved it!

They had these water pumps and then they had rain gutters that you can put rubber ducks in to have races. Travis got really into it...tongue and all.

After everyone went home we dyed eggs. Tyler tried to put all his eggs in one bowl and he decided that using his hands was easier then the dipper. 
Our church is at 11:30 and yes we were late so a picture by the car is all we got. After a long week of staying up late the boys didn't wake up until 10 and they are my alarm clock. It was Tyler's first day in nursery!!!!! He did great and I did also.
The Easter bunny didn't come to our house until late afternoon. 
I though that I put the easter stuff up high enough...I found out that I was wrong on monday morning.