Sunday, September 25, 2011


Yes we are still here! No one tells you when you have twins that it just gets more stressful as they get older. They are constantly changing and in different ways so when you figure something out with one the other changes and then something else happens or one of the older kids changes. constant change and adjusting!

It's funny all the questions I get. The one I don't understand why people ask is, "are they identical?" really! think about it before you ask. I've learn to just smile and say no they aren't. Then there's the feeding question. "do you feed them at the same time?" I do what ever they need, so yes if they need to be feed at the same time then I figure out how to stick and hold a bottle in their mouth. One thing with twins is you learn how to adapt and fast! It is not always perfect but you figure it out.
Travis started kindergarten this year. He is twice as big as some of the kids in his class. He even got a big kid desk brought into the classroom for him. He loves school and I miss him at home.
Since the babies were born my boys have had some time to do things that normally they wouldn't get away with doing. Majority of the time as long as they are safe I just smile and say have fun.
Tyler is finally ok with having a sister. With Travis gone at school he has really become a big brother. You can really tell in this picture how much they have grown. They are both about 11 pounds. Amy looks bigger but that's because all of Cody's weight is in his head... literally. I think that he'll be big like Travis.

In this picture you can tell that they really do look alike. Amy smiles and "talks" a lot more then Cody.

We blessed them earlier this month.

Hopefully it won't be months before I post again.