Sunday, May 24, 2009

riding his motorcycle

I was packing stuff in the garage when Travis came over to me with his bike and told me he wanted to ride his motorcycle. I figured he was just pretending and said, "yeah, go ahead." He responded by saying, "no mom take these off and make a motorcycle!" He had pointed to the wheels. I figured if he wanted to try it out I would let him. So I we got the tool bag out and took them off. He got on the bike and tried to just take off. He soon found out that it wasn't that easy. I took him to the side walk and held the seat and he was off!!!! I couldn't believe it!!! He had problems turing but I was suprised that he kept on trying and trying. When Joe got home we went outside and showed him Travis' new trick.  He was so proud!!! Mostly because he wasn't a sissy about falling off. The funniest thing was Travis' giggle while he was ridding. He got so excited that he couldn't help it....enjoy!

Monday, May 11, 2009

bloggin' 8 tag

Thank you Shauna for thinking of us:) We have definetely been "up to a lot of things lately"
8 things I look forward to  
1-living in one place for more then 9 months
2-having all my "important stuff" as joe calls it packed up and ready to go
3-getting a hair cut and pedicure 
4-having a land line so I can talk to my sister and not worry about going over my minutes
5-sitting back and relaxing in the cool California sun all summer long!!!!!
6-not living next to college kids
7-not renting!!!
8-having a pepsi after I finish this

8 things I wish I could do
1-wiggle my nose and have things be all cleaned up (Mary Poppins)
2-enjoy reading
3-finish school (college)
4-have a child with out throwing up at all for the entire nine months!! (that's all I ask)
5-have dinner ready and on the table at a decent hour...every night
7-teach my children to be reverent in church, yes we are having issues with that
8-not worry about the next few months

8 people I tag (if ya want to)
1-"Danimal" and Katie (Joe misses his buddy)
2-Brittany and Brian
3-Travis and Amy (we need to move closer to you guys)
4- and whoever else feels the need to

As you have probably figured out we are moving...again!! :( These are the first of many many boxes to be packed. I'm not that excited about this move. We love it here but with all the  $$$$ cuts the school district had to lay off 8 high school teachers. Joe was the very last one they hired so he was the first one to go. We kinda saw it coming, so he interviewed in Tri-cities washington and we just found out that he got it. He'll be teaching chemistry, physics, algebra and maybe spanish. He is excited to finally teach some science. It's a small school and it's actually the school he graduated from, one of his teachers interviewed him. We're just glad things are working out. Since we loved being in California last summer, and my mom isn't sick of us yet, we thought we'd go down there and Joe will work for my Dad again. So we are packing everything up and putting it in storage in washington then driving down to California. Lots and lots of driving, I'm trying to talk myself into flying with the boys and Joe driving... we'll see what happens.   
Do you ever have one of those moments that you just look at your kid and are just so grateful that he's yours! Tyler cracks me up. He is talking like crazy these days! Joe got the boys ready for bed tonight and Tyler came into my room holding the Buzz Lightyear costume, he help it up and said, "Buzz, Buzz, pleeeeease, please!" Who could say no to that. So I took his pajamas off and put on Buzz. He was walking around in it and we even had to go to the church to pick up a book and he had it on there too. He finally realized that it was pretty tough to go up the stairs with it on so he told me he was done with it.