Tuesday, January 19, 2010

the day has finally come!!!!

Travis started preschool today!!!! I know it's weird timing but he's going to a preschool at a public school and they were waiting on some funding to come in before they took more students. He was so excited to go, I didn't realize I was that boring to be with. I dropped him off and he walked right in like he owned the place and then waved me off. He is sooooooo social and has no problems talking to new people or being in new situations, he is 100% Joe's child! After we left Tyler wouldn't stop talking. I guess he realized that he had my full attention for the next 2 hours and he was going to use every minute of it. It will be good for Travis to be in school and really good for me and Tyler to have some one on one time. I forgot what it was like to have one child...I got more done and my headache was only half as bad as usual.