Friday, February 27, 2009

fun times in primary

I think I love being in primary so much because I get to make some pretty fun stuff. I'm always looking for new ideas and I love when people share what they've done, so I thought I'd share some of what I've done. 

I'm over singing time so when I find some good ideas I make them and put them in the closet. This is Eddie's spaghetti. Depending on how well the kinds sing depends on how much or how fast he eats the pasta. I think he's cute even though it looks like he wearing mascara.

I did a sharing time last month and took this idea from someone else. I made finger puppets and we talked about the different roles of each family member and how if they all work together and are all there then it is easier to "pick things up". the kids loved this! 

I got this for the hand book, it's called a roller box. I punched christmas lights through the box and then covered it. I kids draw pictures and then you tape them altogether, turn the lights on and "roll" through each picture. Our junior primary NEVER stops talking but for this there was complete silence! We've also used this for FHE too. 
I made this for a primary activity day. It's a foam dice with velcro on the sides so that you can change the sides t adapt to different lessons. It's also good that it's foam so that it's easily kicked around. I've used it for singing time and I'm planning on using it for FHE also. There's this stuff you can buy to print off pictures onto fabric so I'm going to print off our pictures and put them on the dice and then play a game with it. 

I'm always making new things so I'll post them to share. If anyone else has things they've done please share with me. 

Thursday, February 19, 2009

25 Things

I've never done a tag here goes

25 things...facts, goals, or habits 
1. I always take a shower in the morning even if I showered the night before.
2. I fractured my fibula (small shin bone) while trying to skate board on my mission. It's a long story but I didn't find out it was fractured until I go home a couple months later.

3. I didn't have a wedding cake, I hate cake
4. I don't like getting my face wet at anytime, unless it is to wash it 
5. I don't eat fish or anything that lived in the water
6. I had one more class to get my college degree but I went on a mission...I still haven't done it.
7. I hate school
8. I was a lunch lady during college at Timpanogos High School in Orem, UT. We made the majority of all the bread for them and other schools in the district. It was my favorite job I've ever had! 
9. I drink too much Pepsi
10. I thought that I would have 5 children, now I just take them one at a time.

11. I cried at my baptism because I didn't want to go first. (three of us were getting baptized)
12. In pre-school when people would ask me my name I would say, "Mary had a little lamb"

13. I am the 6th child of nine
14. I am always realizing that I am like my mother more each day

15. I chaged my kids diapers on the washer...until I got a front loader
16. My sister made my wedding dress
17. I talk to my sister at least three times a week (usually more)
18. The best shape I was in was when I got off my mission...and then it just started going down hill after that
19. When I drive over a bridge (with water under) I always think about what I will do if we go over
20. I rarely fold my clothes right out of the dryer (there's 5 loads ready to be folded on my bed right now)
21. I LOVE primary callings
22. I try not to let anyone in the kitchen while I cook
23. Joe is younger then me
24. I plan to always live in Oregon!! (but we know how plans go sometimes)
25. I plan to have one room dedicated to all my crafting stuff, yes I know this is just a dream

Monday, February 16, 2009

bunk beds!!

I've been looking and looking for weeks on craigslist for bunk beds and every time I found some I would call and they'd be gone! I finally found and got some! We had to drive and hour to get them but even when we averaged in gas we still saved about $600! They are only a year old and just what we were looking for...I love Craig's list!!  
We got back home around 9pm and it was cold! But the boys were so excited they really didn't notice and still wanted to help unload it.

I just wanted to go to bed but on the way home Joe told Travis that they would set them up tonight. Travis was so excited to work with the man tools. If you look real close you can see his tongue sticking out. He does that when he's does Joe.

At 10 we finally got it all put together and it was story time! I told Joe to only put the bottom one up but the next time I looked they were both up, minus the top mattress! I wasn't too happy, I had thoughts of monkeys climbing and then falling to the floor. Joe, being the kid that he is, said he put it up because it would be easier to make forts. Boys will be boys! I'm just happy Travis is finally staying in bed at night. 

Monday, February 9, 2009


This past weekend we went to Washington so that Joe could baptize his niece, Sydney. She is deffinatley the sweetest most responsible eight year old I have ever seen!! This is the worst picture of Joe. I think he makes stupid faces just to get me mad! And I forgot to bring his white tie so that just makes it look even better. Plus both my kids were running around so this is what we get. Besides the baptism there were some "fun" stuff that happened...

Travis almost throwing up at the Chinese restaurant
Travis coughing all night
me sitting with him in the steam filled bathroom
dog poop on all of our shoes
during sacrament we were sitting on the back row and Travis was not obeying Joe, so Joe got up to take him out. Travis decided to lay flat on the ground so Joe couldn't pick him up...Joe just went behind the bench reached down and pulled him up by his leg. I was about to die!!! I looked up at the bishopric and they all had to put their heads down because they were laughing so hard. 
Tyler throwing up on the way home...he averages about every other road trip
The trip was great!!