Thursday, January 3, 2013

sloan happenings

Much to my surprise it snowed on Christmas! It was just enough to make me cringe and didn't last stay all that long.   
 Joe was teaching Amy how to eat the snow. She loved it! Cody was just wondering what was going on and the two older boys were disappointed that it was only one day. 
There were A LOT of presents this year! One of my favorites was what we got the boys....
Grandma Meg has a dog and as we all know dogs do a lot of..."business". Since we've moved to washington the boys would go out to her house every week and mow her yard but before they could do that they would have to pick up all the "business". Joe likes to make up funny names for EVERYTHING, so Poop Scoop and Rump Dump were born. We thought it fitting to embroider some hats, get a poop patrol picker upper and make it official before we move out there. As you can see Tyler was thrilled with the present! 
 I didn't quite know what to do with myself this year, the girl selection in toys is a lot better then boys! I should've known that anything with wheels appeals to boys too. Don't worry the doll was thrown out of the cart and he did run into multiple people, things and walls. 
Amy took command of Cody's truck and has never looked back. If you hear her screaming it's because someone is in "her" truck. Tyler decided to take it for a joy ride in the kitchen with Travis' help. One hole in the wall later they aren't allowed to touch the truck while it's in the house! 
Speaking of she is! The roof is on, the siding is up (that's not the's just the primer), electrical is in, plumbing is in, insulation is in and dry wall was just put up! We are waiting for electrical to be connected so we can heat the house while the dry wall is being taped. It seems like it is taking forever!! but it really isn't that bad. after they finish taping it all we get 10 days to paint it! After getting estimates for someone to paint for us we thought that we like to save a few thousand dollars (no joke, it really costs that much, I had noooooo idea) and do it ourselves. Which means Joe's doing it. I would actually like to help but kids and paint DO NOT mix! 
Well, with my blogging record the next picture I post the grass will be growing and there will be business to take care of.

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Amanda Davis said...

I am so so glad you are keeping your blog up now!!! I miss you guys! I haven't been looking at blogs much lately because most people don't keep them up much anymore so happy to see all the kids getting big and all the news!!