Friday, July 19, 2013

where's the beef?

The beef is in my backyard....grazing. Next summer it ill be sizzlin' away on the grill! We were planning on getting some cows in a couple of years but friends of our needed a place to keep theirs and offered half the meat to us so we jumped on it.
you have to understand that I'm not an animal person AT ALL!! So when the cow got out that first night and Joe and I had to go and fin it at 11 pm, I had enough! Costco meat was looking so much better to me. Then Joe went out of town on day 2 with "the cow" (i refuse to name something that I will later be eating). I feel like I have another child to look after. I am constantly looking out in the back and making sure she's not out and sleeping at night? i think not.

The kids are loving it. Amy and Cody treat it like a dog or a horse always wanting to pet it or ride it. Travis is completely comfortable with her too. I think that he'll be the one taking care of the thing. 
Other then the cow here are some things we've been up to...

apparently Tyler needs glasses and yes they are already broken.

we've used brown betty a lot since we've moved out here....I think we got our $700 worth out of her.

Travis has learned to use the mower and asks everyday if he can mow.

the twins turned 2! and we are all working through the terrible two's, some better then others. 

Cody loves it when the tractor comes out! Joe does too.

I guess when you ask your kids to unload costco from the car it means make a building, get the cars out and play.


Brian & Britty said...

Um I love your kitchen! That's how we're going to do the one at Blackwill! White cabinets and black countertops. Dark flooring and stainless appliances

shauna said...

Yes, that kitchen is beautiful! My little brother has glasses. He got a good pair Ben's work from the insurance and then Ben just ordered him a couple of cheaper pairs online so that when they break you are only losing out on about $30 instead of $200.

Puffer Love said...

we miss you guys! your kids are getting so big!! We think of you often!